Our showroom/shop in Cornwall

Monty's Classic Motorcycles Ltd

My first 20 years in the trade were spent working at Terry Hobbs British Motorcycle Shop in Plymouth,the last 15 building my own. The business is now a family concern with my wife Ann, full time . Our shop sells good quality spares and tools for British four strokes.   The items we have online are still only a fraction of what we hold in stock, so please contact us if you are looking for more. 
Please feel free to phone us if you would like to know more about any of the services offered or if you need advice on which specific spares you need for your marque and year of bike - I am always happy to be of assistance 01822 617010

As a rule we try and source our spares from British manufacturers if at all possible and aim to provide a choice between genuine parts and good quality pattern parts. I am not in the game of breaking bikes purely to sell their parts as I believe in the preservation of our classic motorcycles, not the destruction of them. As there is an abundance of second hand parts and more new good quality spares than ever, why destroy a perfectly good machine? We ride our classics regularly (my regular hack is my 1939 Triumph 100 and my wife Ann rides a 1952 5T sprung hub bobber, amongst others) and we enjoy taking an active part in the classic scene. My passion for motorcycles is not confined to the machines of past years, I take a keen interest in what the British Motorcyle Industry is generating. At present I ride a Triumph Explorer and the new Norton Commando 961 Sport.

We are a Limited Company and our registration number is 8642599
we are VAT registered - 105 3975 19
We are members of the Federation of Small businesses 

We are members of Tamar Valley Norton Owners Club

Plymouth British and Classic Motorcycle Club

We are proud to be sponsoring Team Wildcard
Classic vmcc racers

We read and advertise in Real Classic magazine
and Classic Bike Guide
and Old Bike Mart 


(Monty's 1939 Tiger 100 Ann's 1966 Tiger 100 camping in Cornwall)​​​​​​​